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Here you will find T-shirts, books, decals, branded goods and other items I have created over the years that are available to purchase. Much of my work has been on behalf of the companies I’ve been employed by, or by freelance clients, so I’m not at liberty to sell those products on my own. But the items gathered here are a few of the projects I’ve created that are my own property. Some items are left-overs from one-time production runs and are therefore quite rare (when they’re gone, they’re gone). A few of the items offered here were done on behalf of clubs or causes, the net proceeds of which will be forwarded to them (these are denoted in the detail notes for such items). Some are current branded products that are fulfilled by Print-On-Demand through a third party, while others are shipped from my personal inventory.

In some cases, the items offered are duplicated here from different small business ventures that my wife, Stephanie, and I are involved in (such as Sharp’s All Natural and my author business, Dusty Sharp – Author). I hope you’ll take a detour and check out those sites if you have the time.

If you have any questions or concerns, problems with your order or just want to send me a great Instant-Pot recipe, you can drop me a line any time at Thanks for checking out my wares!

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